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3 guys. 1 day: 180 Uuni Pizzas. [Pop-up Restaurant Idea]

Editors note: This is a special guest blog post from our friends at  Buddies’ Bistro who made 180 Uuni Pizzas in one day.

Hei! We are the guys behind Buddies’ Bistro  a Pop-Up Pizzeria launched at the last Restaurant Day in Helsinki.

Being ambitious pizza makers for years and having used Uunis since their very first iteration, we decided to take them to the next level! Our goal was to use our Uunis and prepare unforgettable pizzas for as many people as possible within one day. After careful planning and several test cooks we were ready for the big day!

We prepared 20 kilograms of dough ready to be shaped into perfect pizza bases and finalised our shortlist of perfect toppings down to 3 menu options for the day.

We set up our restaurant in the middle of a park in central Helsinki. We fired up the Uunis and were ready to serve our 1st customers. 1,2,3, people were flocking to our restaurant.. and we couldn’t take a break in the whole day!  8 hours later we were done, having prepared 180 pizzas and completely running out of ingredients!

Not bad for 3 guys using 2 ovens. Restaurant Day was a huge success. We produced 22.5 pizzas an hour, which translates to only about 2.5 minutes per pizza including taking orders, preparing and baking. Now that’s fast.

Here we would like to share the recipe of our best-selling pizza that day, the Tirolese.

 Uuni Pizzas Ingredients:


– Classic dough

– Passata di pomodoro – seasoned with salt, olive oil and oregano

– Crumbled Mozzarella

– Sliced Tyrolean Speck  / Prosciutto

– Chanterelles

– Caramelised Onion

– Fresh Rosemary


Light up the Uuni. While waiting for the Uuni to get hot, rinse the chanterelles and cut them into halves. Take the ham and cut it into small pieces too. Once the dough is shaped into a pizza base, cover it with a few spoons of tomato sauce.

Top with some pieces of mozzarella, then place the pieces of ham and chanterelles . Finally put some caramelised onion on the pizza and it is ready to go into the Uuni for 2/3 minutes. Don’t forget to turn it at least once so it gets cooked evenly.

When the pizza is out, add some fresh rosemary and then enjoy 🙂


Eat great pizza, buddies!

Cheers,  Luki and Juuso- Buddies’ Bistro.

14 thoughts on “3 guys. 1 day: 180 Uuni Pizzas. [Pop-up Restaurant Idea]”

  1. How do you keep your Uunis hot? The most I have done in one session is nineteen, and the cook time he quite long after a while – up to 10 minutes. I’m thinking that ash in the fire box might be preventing the heat from staying right up there, do you poke your fire at all?

    1. When doing a number of pizzas keep the lid properly (sometimes it lifts forwards) on the front once the pellets are lit – this keeps to oven hot, put a scoop of pellets in every couple of pizzas and boldly hit the side of the hopper to move the pellets down. Smaller pizzas cook in 90 seconds, triangle pizza turned every 30 seconds works out great. Have the dough thin and keep the toppings in the middle sparse

  2. Hi, sounds amazing! How did you store all the dough?
    I find after a while I get a build up of burnt polenta. If I use less polenta the bases stick to the paddle. Anyone have similar experience, or tips to avoid?

  3. Hi after starting uuni how soon do I add more pellets and how much and how often, typically I cook two pizzas. The problems I have are bottom dosnt crisp also inconsistent results.

  4. after 5 min you may fill the hopper, however, I recommend you also load say 10 pieces
    of wood pellets in the basket from back from time to time. The reason is that the hopper
    feeds massively and needs surrounding fire in the basket to be strong at all times to attack
    the feed.
    If not don’t do this “hand feed” in the sides of the basket, you will experience inconsistent
    resulats because the flames then do not heat up the pizza plate satisfactorily.

    My experience is after 3 long testfiring for total of 8 hours, and the oven becomes smokeless
    af running for approx 20 minutes and when the plate exceeds 300 C.

    Personally I am very happy with the oven, however, it takes some experience to master the unit to perfection, and I not there – yet….. Enjoy

  5. I can see 4 ovens there in your pics…. and the first oven which is black is not a uuni, its even air fed….wozzupp

  6. Hi.

    I am in Malaysia. How can I buy one and be shipped to Kuala Lumpur?
    I love to own one ASAP please.


    1. Han –

      If you want one you can purchase one on Amazon for 2.5x the cost….or order on online via the Uuni.net site for $299 USD. Then have it shipped to you. You can use multiple shipping companies to get it to you.

    1. Dude, there’s hundred of videos in YouTube and 1.000 recipes recipes online. It’s cheap and easy. Try to do it your self. It just Tastes better.

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