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Uuni outdoor oven Resources – Updated!

Hey Team! Are you looking for top tips and tricks for your Uuni outdoor oven?

Check out our new and improved Uuni Essentials Guide for Uuni 3 or Uuni Pro to get the most out of your oven.

Our awesome UX team (say hello to Kevin and Maarja!) have been working hard to ensure ALL of your questions have been answered in these handy guides. Topics include:

  • Important notes before you cook
  • How and where to set up your Uuni oven
  • What’s in the box
  • How to light Uuni
  • Care instructions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Recipes

You can find more how-to guides up on the Uuni Youtube Channel, including our latest guide; Uuni 3: Setup, Lighting & Cooking.

Our aim is to make cooking delicious food as simple and fun as possible. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the guide. Please send any suggestions or feedback to

Don’t forget to share off your Uuni creations by using #uuni on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Happy Uuni-ing!

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Super Bowl Party Tips for a Show-Stopping Evening!

The Big Game is just around the corner and it’s time to take your Super Bowl celebrations to a whole new level! Why settle for the boring and drab? You can kick butt with this Super Bowl Party Tips by Uuni!

Pizza? No Problem. Wings? Sure thing! Nachos? Bring it on! Bring Uuni and your A-Game and cook like the neighbours are watching (and they will be – trust me!).

Enter our Super Bowl giveaway and score yourself a $100 Uuni gift card – entry details below! 

Super Bowl Party Tips:


Short on time? 
A great pizza starts with great dough! Our dough recipe is also perfect for a quick pizza party and can easily be prepped on the day you cook. Alternatively, prep your dough now and freeze in individual balls for Game Day.  Remove 2 hours before cooking and allow to thaw at room temperature. Find the Uuni classic pizza dough recipe here.

Get your Kit
Make sure you have enough Uuni Pizza Peels and don’t forget your secret weapon – the new Uuni Sizzler Pan! Cooking pizza for the whole team? The trick to a quick cook is to have your dough balls ready, toppings chopped, flour (or semolina) on the peel and only stretching and topping the base once Uuni has pre-heated and you’re ready to go!

Check out these great party food ideas: (full recipe up on the Uuni YouTube channel!) 

Make it Fun and Interactive
The competition doesn’t need to be limited to the football field. Hold a pizza making competition, or why not have a chicken wing eating competition at half-time?

Share your party pics and WIN a $100 gift card! 
Share your Uunified Super Bowl party pics on Twitter or Instagram using the tag #uuni to be in the chance to win a $100 Uuni gift card. Entries close midnight, February 6th.


5 years ago…

[How did the Uuni story start]


Uuni logo

Five Years of Uuni


It was a chilly evening in December 2011. Darina, my wife and business partner, and I were watching TV when I asked if I could pitch an idea to her.

I’d been thinking about it for a few months, making sketches, researching the market, checking things out to see if there was anything even remotely similar out there. There wasn’t. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

The pitch was this: People love great pizza… and to get great pizza you need something other than a domestic oven. People love the idea of cooking with a traditional wood-fired oven. But most don’t have the space and traditional ovens are often prohibitively expensive. Could we create a wood-fired oven that is small, fast and affordable?

It turned out the answer was yes – and the original Uuni was launched five years ago today on Kickstarter.

The passion that fuelled that first idea has permeated through all the products we’ve created – enabling more people to enjoy great food with their friends and family.

When we launched Uuni in 2012, one of our tag lines was ‘Uuni: revolutionising outdoor cooking’. An ambitious and bold claim at the time, but five years on our story shows that we’ve lived up to it:

  • We’ve shipped to more than 90 countries worldwide

  • We’ve sold tens of thousands of units and millions of pizzas have been made with Uuni products. (We’ve planted tens of thousands of trees too.)

  • Uuni is stocked by major retailers around the world such as John Lewis, Lakeland, Williams Sonoma and ACE Hardware

Uuni is the world’s first, best and most popular portable wood-fired oven.

What’s next?

For the past year and a half we’ve had an incredibly ambitious goal that we call our 2020 Vision. It’s what we work towards and are committed to every day:

“Uuni will be one of the world’s top 5 outdoor cooking brands by the end of 2020”

We still have some way to go… it wouldn’t be incredibly ambitious otherwise! As we grow we are building in all the crucial components to deliver on this goal: our first class team at Uuni HQ (19 as of this week!) our fantastic Uuni community, our retail partners and a truly innovative product roadmap. We now look ahead with the same excitement and belief that inspired the first Uuni in 2012.

Over the last five years, more than anything else, I am most proud of the Uuni community we’ve built: a family that is engaged, kind, and with a shared passion for great food and outdoor cooking.

Thank you for sharing in our journey.

With sincerest gratitude,

Founder, CEO

PS. To mark the five years, we’ve launched a few new cast iron products. Check them out below 😉

Cast Iron Series


The National Pizza Month [Competition!]

If you didn’t know, October is the National Pizza Month! 🍕🍕

The modern pizza was invented in Naples (Southern Italy), and the dish and its variants have since become popular and common in many areas of the world. Since 1984 numerous brands serve pizza through a variety of charitable efforts.

Our team is constantly inspired by the generosity of the global Uuni Community. There’s clear passion, open sharing of ideas, recipes and support.

Uuni - national pizza month

To celebrate October being National Pizza Month and to say thank you to the Uuni community, we want to continue to ‘pay it forward’ with a campaign we’re dubbing ‘Pizza Forward’.

Uuni will share ‘a slice’ of the profits with winning entries and support charities that matter to you and your local community.

How it works:

1. Share your pizza photos or videos on Instagram, Twitter or Youtube.

2. Tag @uunihq, #pizzaforward and the charity of your choice.
(Youtube entries can be shared via the Uuni HQ Facebook page or send to

3. Uuni will choose 3 winners, one each from Instagram, Twitter and Youtube and donate $500 to the chosen charity of each winning entry. We’ll also throw in some Uuni accessories for the winner!

“National Pizza Month” Terms & Conditions:


  • Entries will not be valid unless they include the 3 tags (@uunihq, #pizzaforward & the charity account).
    If your charity doesn’t have an Instagram or Twitter account add the charity name & location.
  • The charity must be registered (anywhere in the world!) and the charity no. will be requested from all winners.
  • Entries close 31st October 2017
  • Winners announced 1st November 2017

Don’t forget to follow us:

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If you need help finding ideas for your pizza, you can check our recipe for delicious Frutti Di Mare Pizza.



Uuni Pro: Charcoal & Kindling [How To]

By now you may have heard about the amazing Uuni Pro multi-fueled outdoor oven. In short, this is the first outdoor oven to include a quad-fuel function, capable of running on wood, charcoal, wood pellets or gas.

For our community, we have prepared a series of demonstration videos to show you our products first-hand. To start our video series we will demonstrate how to light and cook with Uuni Pro.

First up, charcoal & kindling.

Not only is this our favourite fuel of choice, lighting and maintaining charcoal and kindling is incredibly easy, as is keeping a consistent temperature throughout your cook.

In this video, Kristian fires up steak and a side of vegetables- roasted to perfection in just a few minutes in Uuni Pro!

The award-winning Uuni Pro is still available at a discounted price for a limited time only.  This super-versatile oven is a must-have for all outdoor cooks and pizza fans and makes the ideal centerpiece for your garden or outdoor kitchen.

Uuni Pro Features and benefits:

  • Uuni Pro can run on wood, charcoal, wood pellets or gas, giving users ultimate flexibility
  • Uuni Pro reaches temperatures of up to 500˚C/932˚F in 20 min
  • Uuni Pro can cook delicious, authentic pizzas in only 60 seconds
  • The cooking surface of The Pro is double that of the previous models
  • Pro users can bake bread, roast large cuts of meat and other dishes as well as create pizzas that are up to 16” in size
  • Each Pro comes with charcoal and kindling burner, Uuni gloves, a regular handled door and an innovative pizza door as standard.
  • This Uuni can be transformed into a gas powered oven with the Gas Burner accessory
  • Unlike traditional ovens Uuni is transportable and is easily moved or stored away.

Now it’s time to try one of those pizza recipes you’ve been holding on although you can’t miss with the Classic Pepperoni Pizza.

Join the outdoor cooking revolution!

Food. Fire. Uuni.

BBQ Week Competition

BBQ Week

UK BBQ Week is an idea born by a group of BBQ enthusiasts tired of seeing half hearted corporate efforts with sponsorship agendas to get people into restaurants instead of barbecuing at home.

We want exactly the opposite and want to show more people how easy and rewarding BBQ can be. UK BBQ Week should be all about encouraging people to get outdoors cooking and enjoying BBQ with their friends and family. So a group of real BBQ fans have set up UK BBQ Week in an effort to promote barbecue and encourage people young and old to pick up the tongs and cook up some amazing BBQ food for their families and friends.

Since the dark days of 1997, the National BBQ Week has not only helped change all of our attitudes towards BBQ and summer eating, but has also helped grow the BBQ market from just 9 million BBQ occasions back then to over 130 million last year and all the indications are that they’ll be even more this year!

We’re teaming up with some of our community BBQ pros to bring you our favourite Uunified BBQ dishes.

We’ll also be road testing Kezie Foods in Uuni, who has supplied us with some serious BBQ food to cook over the week. How about some Crocodile burgers?

Country Wood Smoke
United Q BBQ
BBQ Forte
Butter Wouldn’t Melt
The Sexy Vegan
… and the whole Uuni team will sharing BBQ recipes that have been adapted for Uuni, right across BBQ week!

Want to WIN a £50 Kezie Foods exotic meat hamper and Uuni accessories?

How to enter?
Share a photo of your own Uunified x BBQ dish on our Facebook wall or submit via All entries should be posted or sent in by Monday 5th June.

If you need any inspiration, every day we will post recipes dedicated to the BBQ Week.

 will be announced on Wednesday 7th June.
(Winners outside of the UK: the meat hamper prize cannot travel outside of the UK but we will fix you up with some sweet Uuni accessories!)

Food. Fire. Uuni.
#uuni #uunified

Uuni on TV and, ya know, in Space [TV SHOW]

We’re used to our fair share of random requests here at Uuni HQ. We’ve seen Uunis put on the back of bicycles and being included in all sorts of festivals and events. But at the end of last year things got even more crazy- we were contacted by 2 sets of TV producers both who wanted to include an Uuni on TV shows!

The first one was for a show hosted by the fabulous Phil Spencer -a new home makeover series called Home Hero. Phil and his makeover team were helping a lovely young family in Kent make the best out of their back garden.

The Uuni was used as part of a fantastic new cooking, dining and entertaining area. It’s great to see this in action on a makeover show as Uuni won an award last year for leading  the outdoor lifestyle/ entertaining trend! You can check out the short programme online here! Thanks Phil!

The late, oh so cosmically great, David Bowie asks ‘Is there life on Mars?’ Well, there’s pizza that’s for sure… The second request was to have Kristian use an Uuni to demonstrate cooking on Mars in the future.. yes, I’m serious! We were to play a small part in the renowned, televised, Royal Institution Christmas Lectures!

This year space doctor Kevin Fong was presenting three lectures on the theme: How to Survive in Space. Uuni was to be used in the final episode- The Next Frontier. We were literally blown away to have Uuni on TV like this – to put it into perspective they were communicating with British astronaut Tim Peak live from the International Space Station as part of the show! Kevin and some esteemed science colleagues talked us through which crops they believe it would be possible to produce on Mars, and lo and behold- they included wheat, tomatoes and basil.. sounds like Space Pizza to us! Check out the full lecture here!

Keep us posted on what, where and how you’re using your Uuni! Wherever you are in the Uuniverse! Twitter Instagram and Facebook

Holiday Pizza in Uuni: Celebration Recipe!

So the decorations are popping up across the world..  it’s that time again! From the lovely social media postings you’ve been sharing we know that folks are using their Uuni wood-fired ovens for social affairs. This is the season for parties so we wanted to share a couple of our favourite holiday recipes. Here’s one that’s loved at Uuni HQ- Holiday Pizza made of Caramelised Onion, Chestnut and Stilton.

These are great as whole pizzas but can also be adapted to be little dough ball canapés- great for serving with do at your holiday party! PAR-TAY!

Holiday Pizza Recipe


– Classic dough

– 5-6 baked chestnuts (cut into quarters)

– Caramelised onions (1/2 onion, per pizza. Cook slowly on a pan with a spoon of butter for a rich flavour)

-Stilton or another kind of blue cheese

-A Sprig of thyme


Holiday Pizza Prepping Method


Light up your Uuni.

Score and bake the chestnuts in a small pan in the Uuni for around 8 minutes. (Or buy them ready baked)

Stretch your dough out, slide into the Uuni and bake (without topping) for 1 minute- turning half way.

Take the base out, add the onions as the sauce, then top with the chestnut pieces, cook for another 1 minute.

When the pizza is ready, crumble the stilton on top and serve with a couple of springs of thyme.

Trying out this recipe? Don’t forget to see our other recipes and to share a photo!
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3 guys. 1 day: 180 Uuni Pizzas. [Pop-up Restaurant Idea]

Editors note: This is a special guest blog post from our friends at  Buddies’ Bistro who made 180 Uuni Pizzas in one day.

Hei! We are the guys behind Buddies’ Bistro  a Pop-Up Pizzeria launched at the last Restaurant Day in Helsinki.

Being ambitious pizza makers for years and having used Uunis since their very first iteration, we decided to take them to the next level! Our goal was to use our Uunis and prepare unforgettable pizzas for as many people as possible within one day. After careful planning and several test cooks we were ready for the big day!

We prepared 20 kilograms of dough ready to be shaped into perfect pizza bases and finalised our shortlist of perfect toppings down to 3 menu options for the day.

We set up our restaurant in the middle of a park in central Helsinki. We fired up the Uunis and were ready to serve our 1st customers. 1,2,3, people were flocking to our restaurant.. and we couldn’t take a break in the whole day!  8 hours later we were done, having prepared 180 pizzas and completely running out of ingredients!

Not bad for 3 guys using 2 ovens. Restaurant Day was a huge success. We produced 22.5 pizzas an hour, which translates to only about 2.5 minutes per pizza including taking orders, preparing and baking. Now that’s fast.

Here we would like to share the recipe of our best-selling pizza that day, the Tirolese.

 Uuni Pizzas Ingredients:


– Classic dough

– Passata di pomodoro – seasoned with salt, olive oil and oregano

– Crumbled Mozzarella

– Sliced Tyrolean Speck  / Prosciutto

– Chanterelles

– Caramelised Onion

– Fresh Rosemary


Light up the Uuni. While waiting for the Uuni to get hot, rinse the chanterelles and cut them into halves. Take the ham and cut it into small pieces too. Once the dough is shaped into a pizza base, cover it with a few spoons of tomato sauce.

Top with some pieces of mozzarella, then place the pieces of ham and chanterelles . Finally put some caramelised onion on the pizza and it is ready to go into the Uuni for 2/3 minutes. Don’t forget to turn it at least once so it gets cooked evenly.

When the pizza is out, add some fresh rosemary and then enjoy 🙂


Eat great pizza, buddies!

Cheers,  Luki and Juuso- Buddies’ Bistro.