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Launching Uuni 2 – Ground Breaking Wood-Fired Oven

Today we’re launching Uuni 2, the second generation to follow the ground breaking Uuni wood-fired oven. The launch represents the culmination of months of development work, experimentation and learning.

Here’s two of the key features we are most proud of.

1. Launching Uuni 2 wasn’t easy.  The original Uuni made wood-fired cooking available to anyone, anywhere. It brought the cost of entry down from thousands of dollars to just three hundred dollars. It was very well received, especially by the pizza enthusiasts who really wanted to move outdoors to make their creations. NOW the Uuni 2 is even easier to use. Uuni 2 is truly easy enough for anyone to use.

Much of this is thanks to moving away from using a battery powered fan pushing air in, to a chimney that creates draft that pulls air in to the oven. This sounds like a small difference but this has allowed the pellet hopper to be larger thus accommodating around 15-20 minutes worth of pellets. It also makes it easier to have a consistent, steady heat.

2. Uuni 2 is hotter than ever. We’re now cooking a pizza in 2 minutes instead of the previous 3-4 minutes. Between burns, you can now also control the temperature by adjusting the level of the hopper. You can have Uuni 2 burning with a small flame, or at it’s maximum of around 450°C (840°F). While you’ve always been able to cook a variety of things in Uuni, this new level of control really opens up the opportunities to cook foods for longer times, on a lower heat.


We really think you’ll love Uuni 2. Keep an eye on our website in the coming weeks for videos and tips on how to get the best out of Uuni.




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  1. The piece of metal on page 8 of the manual does that go to the back of the uuni or at the front slotting in underneath at the entrance.

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