New photos and a video of Uuni

Here’s a few new photos of the final prototype of Uuni. It’s all getting very real now as we’re extremely close to beginning to ship our ovens out to the world. If you have any questions, let me know below in the comments.


This is where the fan goes. Pointing upwards, it blows air into the burning chamber.


Aerated blocks are not included nor needed. The final production model will have little legs to bring it up off of the table surface.


And finally, a quick video showing roughly how Uuni works and how to make a pizza with it. I’ll add more videos and detailed step-by-step guides once I have the production model.

One thought on “New photos and a video of Uuni”

  1. i just purchased uuni 2S. It is a great value. Is it possible to purchase a flameguard? The fire needs to be separated from the food to obviate having to constantly rotate potentially overcharred food and to keep fuel pellets from spilling onto stone surface when recharging fuel. Also, the flamekeeper, when wedged between the inner and outer oven layers per Christain’s YouTube instructions (the instruction manual is NOT clear here as this led me to believe the flamekeeper was a flameguard. Not so) constantly comes loose and falls out durimg cooking. This is both dangerous and annoying. Lastly does any component of the uuni have warranty coverage? I cook with ceramic often amd the uuni 2S stone looks like it is vulnerable due to its thickness.

    I used it once, and am looking forward to many wonderful future uses but the flameguard is a must. Would you please sell me one?


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