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Tunnbrod – Swedish flatbread in Uuni – Uuni Blog

Tunnbrod, also known as that guilty pleasure that can be picked up on your way through the Ikea checkouts, is the holy grail of flatbreads, often used for wraps and traditionally a family recipe not to be shared. Thankfully, we have the talented Rikard in the Uuni family who has adapted his own recipe for cooking with Uuni!

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Soft Swedish Flatbreads – Tunnbrod


0.75 tbsp dried active yeast
75g butter
2dl milk
2dl water
0.75dl caster sugar
400g flour
200g rye flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp caraway seeds
1 tsp fennel seeds

75g Swedish light syrup (or golden syrup)

1. Melt the butter in a saucepan. Stir in the milk and water until the mix is lukewarm – about 25C is a good temperature for the yeast I use. Then add the sugar and yeast and whisk it together. Leave for 15mins until the yeast is activated and you can see some bubbles on the surface.

2. Grind the spices in a pestle and mortar. Mix the remaining dry ingredients in a bowl and pour on the syrup. Add the yeast mix and stir it together with a wooden spoon. This requires some arm strength – stir it in the bowl for 5-10mins until everything has blended thoroughly. Leave to rise for 1hr or until doubled in size (depending on temperature, it sometimes takes 2hrs).

3. Put the dough on a floured worktop and begin kneading it whilst slowly adding more flour, about 3-4dl. Knead for 5-10mins until the dough stops sticking to your hands.

4. Cut the dough into 14 pieces. Flour the worktop under the dough balls and, using a rolling pin, roll each one into a 30cm diameter – the thinner the better. Use a brush to remove as much of the flour as possible (flour burns at a lower temperature than the dough in the oven) If you don’t have a fancy Swedish rolling pin to punch holes in your dough, use a fork and make lots of little holes across the flattened dough – this creates little pockets of air when baking and prevents the bread from rising like a pita bread.

5. Bake each Tunnbrod flatbread for 30-45 secs, turning at least twice during the bake, don’t turn it over. It should not have a colour, if it gets golden brown it will be hard.

6. Serve with plenty of butter or, if you want a real Swedish treat; with gravad lax, cream cheese and horseradish rolled up into rounds.

Big thanks to Rikard for sharing this recipe.

Smaklig måltid – that’s Swedish for Bon appétit!

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Along Came the Honey Sriracha Pizza 

We’ve been really impressed by the images and videos coming in via our social media platforms. (If you haven’t checked out our Instagram please do:)  Recently an Instagrammer named @alongcamepizza has been wowing us with his Uuni-baked creations. – so we asked him to do a blog post on his recipe for Honey Sriracha Pizza.

Over to you Christopher…..:)

Hi I’m Christopher Beattie,  a  26 year old Satellite Systems Analyst that lives in San Francisco, California. I love cooking all types of food from Italian to Indian, but my absolute obsession is pizza!

My fiance organized a surprise “pizza-making” date night for us almost 4 years ago, and little did she know that would spark my love for the pizza craft.

Since then I have been working tirelessly to perfect my somewhat traditional Neapolitan dough, and techniques to produce authentic woodfire pizza at home (which happens to be a really, a tiny apartment).

Along comes Uuni! It is just not practical for me to have a large, traditional wood- fired oven due to limited-space.

The Uuni has dramatically improved my pizza skills, and more importantly, the taste of my pizza. I hope my blog helps to inspire other crazy enthusiasts!

Here’s a recipe from one of my latest cooking sessions:

Honey Sriracha Pizza 



Dough – naturally leavened:

– “00” grade flour

– 20% leaven

– The leaven contributes both water and flour so it is important to consider that when calculating the total hydration. My leaven is 80% water, so it supplements an additional 56% flour and 44% flour depending on the initial flour amount.

– 65% water

– 2.5% salt

Sauce –

– Any ole’ honey will do

– Sriracha

Fried buttered tofu (cubed or sliced, extra firm)


Sliced scallions

A few sprigs of cilantro (coriander)

A sprinkle of Sesame Seeds


– Pan fry the tofu in a generous amount of butter until golden brown. Make sure they are cool before they are placed on the raw dough.

– Cut the scallions finely, and place in a bowl of ice water to get them to curl into unique swirls. Evenly spread on the pizza after it has been baked.

– Place cilantro on after the pizza has been baked.

– The sesame seeds can be cooked prior or after depending on if they are already roasted. Aesthetically, they looked better when sprinkled after the pizza has baked.


  • Know your audience when applying the sriracha! It will be spicer after the pizza has baked, and make sure to balance out with honey.

Uuni Stack – What Have You Got to Prove?

Dough? Well, then you’re in luck! Today we’re really happy to announce that we have a brand to new product to add to the Uuni range: Welcome to Uuni Stack.

Uuni Stack makes dough proving organised and easy. This multi-use product is also great for cooking prep, chopping and stylish storage. (The lid even doubles up as a chopping board!)

Like the original Uuni we’ve launched the project on Kickstarter. Check out the video, read more about it and get one here.

We’d be so grateful if you decide to BACK A STACK! Thanks so much!


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