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Kangaroo Fillets & Pickled Cucumber Salad (BBQ Week)

We do have an Australian in the Uuni team and when we heard about this dish we weren’t quite sold on it… until now. Hands down one of the best cuts of meat we’ve ever tried. Kangaroo Fillets are available in most Australian supermarket chains and when we found that Kezie Foods were a UK supplier we had to try it out!

Kangaroo Fillets Serving Proposal
Kangaroo fillets with pickled cucumber salad

In case you were wondering (it was the first question we asked), Kangaroo meat is wild and procured under a strict quota system, with over 3 million more Kangaroos in Australia than people! Although we still feel a little funny eating the national emblem, Kangaroo meat is a great source of protein and impressively low in fat, with only 2%. It’s also easy to cook and is seriously tasty.

Kangaroo fillets, coated in a dry BBQ rub
2 large cucumbers, peeled and thinly sliced
1/4 cup rice vinegar
1/2 medium red onion, thinly sliced
Salt and ground pepper, to season

Kangaroo Fillets seasoning
Pickled Cucumber Salad
For only 4 ingredients and throwing them all into the one bowl, this is a surprising lovely light summer side dish that is the perfect accompaniment to a strong gamey meat. As above, literally, throw it all in, give it a mix and you’re done! Kangaroo Fillets sides
Kangaroo Fillets
Prepare fillets with choice of rub or seasoning, including a splash of olive oil. Cook on a sizzler pan until desired degree of doneness (yes, that’s the actual term for it!), rotating 2 or 3 times. The below fillets were cooked in 3-4 minutes. As with most lean meats, it is easy to overcook so don’t be afraid to remove it early and let it sit for a few minutes, as it will continue to cook through.

Want to try cooking your own Kangaroo fillets? We let Kezie Foods know what we were up to for BBQ Week and they’ve given the Uuni Community a discount code: UUNI10  to be used at www.keziefoods.co.uk! (UK shipping only – sorry!)
Kangaroo Fillets UuniKangaroo Fillets cooked
Just in case you didn’t know…..

To celebrate BBQ Week, we’re giving 3 lucky WINNERS a chance to score themselves a selection of prizes including an exotic meat hamper from Kezie Foods and a range of accessories for your Uuni.

How to enter? Simply share your own UUNI X BBQ dish on our Facebook wall or send it to hello@uuni.net by Monday, June 5th. 3 winners will be announced on Wednesday, June 7th.

We’ll be posting new recipes every day during BBQ Week, including recipes from our community pros: Country Wood SmokeUnited Q BBQBBQ ForteButter Wouldn’t Melt & The Sexy Vegan!

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