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White Mussel Pizza [Make Your Own Recipe]

We originally had high hopes for a (Connecticut) classic white clam pizza, but alas, the supermarket didn’t have any clams! No complaints however, as this white mussel pizza turned out to be absolutely fabulous!

We made some fantastic wood-fired mussels in the Uuni last year, but we had never tried them on a pizza before. We used a packet of pre-cooked mussels for this recipe, but you can refer back to our older blog post if yours need to be cooked first.

White Mussel Pizza Recipe

Classic dough
Classic béchamel sauce
Mussels (pre-cooked), or if you’re cooking them yourself, click here.
Pine nuts
Olive oil
Fresh basil (to garnish)

Take your mussels out of the packet and place in a bowl. You may not need the entire packet for the pizza.

Next prepare your béchamel sauce.
Once the sauce is ready, it’s time to light up the Uuni, and get ready to prepare your pizza.

Spread your classic dough over your floured pizza peel, and cover the base with béchamel sauce.

Next, add some mussels to the pizza (still in shells), followed by a sprinkling of pine nuts. Remember that you shouldn’t use any mussels that are closed, these are bad.

Slide your pizza into the hot Uuni and allow to cook for 2-3 minutes.
Remove from the heat, garnish with fresh basil and season with black pepper.



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Mussels in Creamy White Wine and Parsley Sauce

Happy New Year to our Uuni chefs all over the world! Our first recipe of 2015 is mussels, a perfect tasty recipe to begin the new year in style. Consider the wine content as a semi hair-of-the-dog! Everybody thinks that mussels are a faff, but those people are wrong! Either that or they haven’t got an Uuni yet. With this quick and easy wood-fired recipe, mussels only take 10 minutes including preparation! And they taste lovely too…

1kg mussels
Large glass of white wine
Fresh parsley, chopped
1 shallot, finely chopped
1 pot of single cream

Light up your Uuni and leave it to heat up while you prepare the mussels.
Pour the mussels into a large container filled with cold water and stir them around with your hands to clean them thoroughly.
Throw away any mussels with broken shells.
If there are any barnacles on the shells you can use a sharp knife to scrape them off. While you’re doing this make sure you also cut off any beards from the mussels (the brown wispy bits).
If you find any open mussels, give them a strong tap with your knife or on the worktop. If they don’t close – throw them away. (They are dead and could make you ill.)
Rinse the mussels a final time and drain.
Pour into a pan that could fit into your Uuni. Make sure that the pan is no more than half full. The mussels need space to move in order to cook properly.
Add the wine, single cream and chopped shallot and place in the Uuni to cook for 2-4 minutes.
Remove from the heat and stir in your fresh parsley.
Season and serve.