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Uuni Shipping – General Guide for US&UK

UPDATE: This post reflects Uuni shipping as of Summer 2014. The Current model is manufactured in China. Uuni ships from local warehouses in East and West Coast USA as well as from the UK.

As Uuni 2 is now shipping, it’s a great time to give a little insight into what goes into Uuni logistics. And, to be perfectly frank, why we still find it a little difficult.

TL;DR: Uuni 2 is now shipping. Shipping is hard. We’re getting better at it. Exciting times.


Uuni’s are currently made in Finland. Main benefit of this for us it that we can visit the factory easily, much more so than, say, if it was made in China. This also provides us with some logistical nightmares. Finland is a fringe country in that there isn’t dedicated freight ships heading to USA or even UK everyday. In fact most, consignments we’ve sent go via mainland Europe, Germany or Holland. It’s slow and not too cheap. Sea freight to UK costs around $12 per unit, not too bad, but for US the number is already more like $20. And as we had to fly stock in to US last time around, due to manufacturing delays, we were paying around $50 per unit for just getting them in the warehouse. For a not-cheap-to-produce product these extra costs hit the margins pretty badly.

Having to fly stock in this summer was hopefully a one time only solution and we can manage stock levels better in the future. We’ve only got 12 months behind us so we’re still learning. But learning fast!


For warehouse-to-customer logistics, we use a company called Shipwire. They make it possible for a small tiny company like ours to ship to customers around the world. They take care of storage for us and as soon as someone orders an Uuni, they ship it to them pretty much automatically.

It’s great when it works but as it’s a one-size-should-fit-all solution there’s no room for customization. For example, since our main product, Uuni 2, is slightly oversized at 14x36x51cm and 10 kg when boxed, they don’t have a box big enough to ship it in. What this means is that if some orders an extra peel, it has to be sent as a separate shipment instead of just with the Uuni. This is silly as the peel is only 1 mm thick and wouldn’t really take any more space with it. This also means that when we start selling wood pellets and other products, we can’t consolidate them into one shipment making the overall cost high.

Uuni Shipping Solutions


In the UK, we’re about to start Uuni shipping from our tiny office. This means that 1) there’s no wait between stock arriving in the country and us being able to ship it. We can also package the Uuni’s in an external box to further protect them. This box we’re using is actually just the right size so we can include a 5 kg box of wood pellets with it as well (we’re starting selling those in the UK next week!) Or the same box can be used to ship 3 boxes of pellets instead.

This is a test we’ll run for the next couple of months and will hopefully be very good at it by the time it’s Christmas and people are buying these as Christmas presents.

I’m excited about this as it gives us another touch point between you, our customer, and us. A much more hands-on relationship where as previously it all just happened somewhere in the background.

US is a different matter. It’s a large country, da- obviously, and we don’t yet have on-the-ground operations there. Maybe in 2016 we will, if all goes well. But at this stage, we’re keeping our eyes open for a trusty partner to work with on the West Coast. Or perhaps in the middle of the country near a transport/freight hub. It’s all about being able to provide better service while keeping the business viable.

All in all, it’s been a big learning curve in getting a good handle on Uuni shipping around the world (28 countries and counting!). I did say to Darina, my wife and partner in Uuni, once that I wish I had come up with something small that fits neatly in a first class envelope. Maybe one day, but looking at our product roadmap for the next 18 months, it’s unlikely.

Yours truly,



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Uuni 2 Shipping Update for 9th July [UK & US]

We’re rolling the Uuni 2 Shipping. Yes!

Yesterday, the very first Uuni 2’s left the manufacturers and were sent to our customers in Finland. Also, some 128 Uuni’s are on their way to the UK for arrival at the fulfilment centre early next week. We’re in now working with them to queue up the orders and make sure as soon as they arrive, they’re sent out.

And finally, a batch to the US will be loaded on an airplane next week. Air freight will only take a few days from Finland to the warehouse in Philly – as with UK, we’ll get the fulfilment company to be ready to send these out as soon as they arrive.

Not long now, we’re almost there!


PS. We just shot an unboxing video, check it out!


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Uuni 2 Shipping Update [EU, AUS, US, CAN]

[Dear Uuni Community]

We’ve again received a Uuni 2 Shipping Update last night from the manufacturers that the first shipment will be another 7 days late. This is due to metal supply issues higher up in the supply chain.

This is extremely frustrating to us as we’ve been working on this for the past 8 months and want nothing more than for people to get to use it. But it is, of course, more frustrating to all you who’ve already ordered one.

I’m so sorry for the delays.

After the Uuni 2 Shipping Update if you’d like to cancel your order rather than wait, perhaps just to order at a later date, just email me on kristian@uuni.net with your order number or reply to your order confirmation and I’ll get it sorted as soon as.

While this is mostly out of our hands, here’s what we’re doing to minimize the delivery times as much as we can:

  1. EU (and Australian) stock will ship from Finland to our warehouse next Friday (4th July), shipping takes 5-7 days and we’ve queued up the warehouse so that as soon as they arrive there, they’ll go out.
  2. If the EU stock misses next Fridays ship from Finland, we’ll take the hit and start shipping them directly from Finland to customers in EU. I’m in Finland from 5th July to make sure this happens as fast as possible.
  3. For US/Canada orders, we’ve made the decision to air freight them from Finland to the US warehouse rather than wait for sea freight to get across. It’s not a cheap option by no means, but it cuts the freight time from 4 weeks to just 5 days. It’s definitely worth it.

Everybody who ordered an Uuni 2 before it started shipping from the warehouses, will still receive an extra pizza peel as a small token of gratitude and for your patience. We’ll also send a discount code you can use yourself or pass on to a friend who’d love to get an Uuni themselves.

I can’t tell you how sorry we are that’s it’s taken longer than expected to get shipping these. Uuni 2 is really an amazing product and so much fun to use, we absolutely think it’s worth the wait.


Yours truly,



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Uuni Progress Update for 19 June 2013

We have a new Uuni Progress Update for June 19.

It’s taken us longer than originally estimated to get Uuni’s manufactured and sent out to you- we wanted to ensure that the product is amazing and we feel confident it is!



We’re so almost there.


As I type, the first batches are now being made. I’m flying to Finland next week to see them being packed up and to oversee them being sent out. I’m doing everything I can to get these to you as soon as possible! Shipping could take up to 3 weeks, depending where you are. I really appreciate your patience- hang in there guys- there’s great pizza in it for you.

We will start taking new orders for Uuni when we’ve shipped the pre-orders.

My sincere gratitude.



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New photos and a video of Uuni

Here’s a few new photos of the final prototype of Uuni. It’s all getting very real now as we’re extremely close to beginning to ship our ovens out to the world. If you have any questions, let me know below in the comments.


This is where the fan goes. Pointing upwards, it blows air into the burning chamber.


Aerated blocks are not included nor needed. The final production model will have little legs to bring it up off of the table surface.


And finally, a quick video showing roughly how Uuni works and how to make a pizza with it. I’ll add more videos and detailed step-by-step guides once I have the production model.

Turns out: Uuni is hot, and cool


It’s time for us to say a big HELLO to all of Uuni’s new fans. Thank you so much for taking an interest in what we’re up to.

Now we’ll try hard to keep all puns to a minimum.. however.. we’re delighted to say that over the last few days it’s become apparent that Uuni is hot news! Since the 16th January we’ve been featured on Cool HuntingTheKitchnGastronomia & CiauncrateBusiness Insider to name just a few. Things are really heating up! (Ok we’ll stop now;) We’ve had to turn the new subscriber notification off that’s for sure. In a bout of narcissism today we Googled ‘Uuni’ (which literally means ‘Oven’ in Finnish) to find we dominate the top three hits! It’s exciting we’re, not gonna lie. We’ve had people pre-ordering ovens from all over the globe, asking questions and the food press getting in touch. We really are humbled by the support and interest we’ve been receiving.

It began with our Kickstarter campaign which ran from 16 November to 19 December 2012 and was a great success. It really gave our product a platform as well as a fantastic start.

It’s all happening quickly but we’re on track and look forward to growing the business and delivering the first batch of Uunis in May. If you like Uuni- please tell your friends, we really value all support.

If you’d like to pre-order an Uuni you can do so here.

Until next time!