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3 guys. 1 day: 180 Uuni Pizzas. [Pop-up Restaurant Idea]

Editors note: This is a special guest blog post from our friends at  Buddies’ Bistro who made 180 Uuni Pizzas in one day.

Hei! We are the guys behind Buddies’ Bistro  a Pop-Up Pizzeria launched at the last Restaurant Day in Helsinki.

Being ambitious pizza makers for years and having used Uunis since their very first iteration, we decided to take them to the next level! Our goal was to use our Uunis and prepare unforgettable pizzas for as many people as possible within one day. After careful planning and several test cooks we were ready for the big day!

We prepared 20 kilograms of dough ready to be shaped into perfect pizza bases and finalised our shortlist of perfect toppings down to 3 menu options for the day.

We set up our restaurant in the middle of a park in central Helsinki. We fired up the Uunis and were ready to serve our 1st customers. 1,2,3, people were flocking to our restaurant.. and we couldn’t take a break in the whole day!  8 hours later we were done, having prepared 180 pizzas and completely running out of ingredients!

Not bad for 3 guys using 2 ovens. Restaurant Day was a huge success. We produced 22.5 pizzas an hour, which translates to only about 2.5 minutes per pizza including taking orders, preparing and baking. Now that’s fast.

Here we would like to share the recipe of our best-selling pizza that day, the Tirolese.

 Uuni Pizzas Ingredients:


– Classic dough

– Passata di pomodoro – seasoned with salt, olive oil and oregano

– Crumbled Mozzarella

– Sliced Tyrolean Speck  / Prosciutto

– Chanterelles

– Caramelised Onion

– Fresh Rosemary


Light up the Uuni. While waiting for the Uuni to get hot, rinse the chanterelles and cut them into halves. Take the ham and cut it into small pieces too. Once the dough is shaped into a pizza base, cover it with a few spoons of tomato sauce.

Top with some pieces of mozzarella, then place the pieces of ham and chanterelles . Finally put some caramelised onion on the pizza and it is ready to go into the Uuni for 2/3 minutes. Don’t forget to turn it at least once so it gets cooked evenly.

When the pizza is out, add some fresh rosemary and then enjoy 🙂


Eat great pizza, buddies!

Cheers,  Luki and Juuso- Buddies’ Bistro.

Gorgonzola Prosciutto Pizza [Make Your Own Recipe]

Congratulations to all of our Uuni chefs for surviving the first 2 weeks of January. Fear not, the end is nigh! And what better way to combat January blues than with blue cheese? And seasonal produce? Pears are in season until the end of the month, so make the most of it with this delicious recipe.  This time we make the Gorgonzola Prosciutto Pizza with Pears.

This pizza is also a great dish to help finish off some festive fridge-freezer leftovers in a unique and indulgent way. Plus, the classic Italian Gorgonzola cheese originated from (you guessed it!) Gorgonzola, Milan.

So if January’s getting the better of you summer-loving foodies, use this recipe as an excuse to get warmed up next to your Uuni and dream of Gorgonzola sunshine!

Gorgonzola Prosciutto Pizza Recipe

Classic dough
Classic sauce
Prosciutto slices
Sliced pear
Gorgonzola, or any other blue cheese you have in your fridge


First get your Uuni fire up and running.
Next spread your classic dough over a well-floured pizza peel, and cover with your classic pizza sauce.
Now top with some sliced mozzarella and crumbled blue cheese, followed by slices of luxurious prosciutto, and sliced pear pieces.
Slide your pizza into the hot Uuni and allow to cook for 2-3 minutes. When it’s ready, garnish with a sprig of fresh basil.


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