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Uuni on TV and, ya know, in Space..

We’re used to our fair share of random requests here at Uuni HQ.. we’ve seen Uunis put on the back of bicycles and being included in all sorts of festivals and events. But at the end of last year things got even more crazy- we were contacted by 2 sets of TV producers both who wanted to include an Uuni wood-fired oven in their shows!

The first one was for a show hosted by the fabulous Phil Spencer -a new home makeover series called Home Hero. Phil and his makeover team were helping a lovely young family in Kent make the best out of their back garden. The Uuni was used as part of a fantastic new cooking, dining and entertaining area. It’s great to see this in action on a makeover show as Uuni won an award last year for leading  the outdoor lifestyle/ entertaining trend! You can check out the short programme online here! Thanks Phil!

The late, oh so cosmically great, David Bowie asks ‘Is there life on Mars?’ Well, there’s pizza that’s for sure… The second request was to have Kristian use an Uuni to demonstrate cooking on Mars in the future.. yes, I’m serious! We were to play a small part in the renowned, televised, Royal Institution Christmas Lectures!

This year space doctor Kevin Fong was presenting three lectures on the theme: How to Survive in Space. Uuni was to be used in the final episode- The Next Frontier. We were literally blown away to be part of this- to put it into perspective they were communicating with British astronaut Tim Peak live from the International Space Station as part of the show! Kevin and some esteemed science colleagues talked us through which crops they believe it would be possible to produce on Mars, and lo and behold- they included wheat, tomatoes and basil.. sounds like Space Pizza to us! Check out the full lecture here!

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3 guys. 2 Uunis. 1 day: 180 pizzas.

Editors note: This is a special guest blog post from our friends at  Buddies’ Bistro

Hei! We are the guys behind Buddies’ Bistro  a Pop-Up Pizzeria launched at the last Restaurant Day in Helsinki.

Being ambitious pizza makers for years and having used Uunis since their very first iteration, we decided to take them to the next level! Our goal was to use our Uunis and prepare unforgettable pizzas for as many people as possible within one day. After careful planning and several test cooks we were ready for the big day!

We prepared 20 kilograms of dough ready to be shaped into perfect pizza bases and finalised our shortlist of perfect toppings down to 3 menu options for the day.

We set up our restaurant in the middle of a park in central Helsinki. We fired up the Uunis and were ready to serve our 1st customers. 1,2,3, people were flocking to our restaurant.. and we couldn’t take a break in the whole day!  8 hours later we were done, having prepared 180 pizzas and completely running out of ingredients!

Not bad for 3 guys using 2 ovens. Restaurant Day was a huge success. We produced 22.5 pizzas an hour, which translates to only about 2.5 minutes per pizza including taking orders, preparing and baking. Now that’s fast.

Here we would like to share the recipe of our best-selling pizza that day, the Tirolese.


– Classic dough

– Passata di pomodoro – seasoned with salt, olive oil and oregano

– Crumbled Mozzarella

– Sliced Tyrolean Speck  / Prosciutto

– Chanterelles

– Caramelised Onion

– Fresh Rosemary


Light up the Uuni. While waiting for the Uuni to get hot, rinse the chanterelles and cut them into halves. Take the ham and cut it into small pieces too. Once the dough is shaped into a pizza base, cover it with a few spoons of tomato sauce.

Top with some pieces of mozzarella, then place the pieces of ham and chanterelles . Finally put some caramelised onion on the pizza and it is ready to go into the Uuni for 2/3 minutes. Don’t forget to turn it at least once so it gets cooked evenly.

When the pizza is out, add some fresh rosemary and then enjoy 🙂


Eat great pizza, buddies!

Cheers,  Luki and Juuso- Buddies’ Bistro.

Sundried Tomato & Creamy Ricotta Pizza

Here is a simple pizza recipe that provides a great alternative to the traditional margherita. Although it’s great on its own or with a salad, this recipe also works very well with roast asparagus spears and tender-stem broccoli on top. These heathy extra toppings make for a colourful and hearty feast. To add large pieces of green veg to a pizza; you can pre-roast them in the Uuni with some olive oil prior to putting them on the pizza.


Classic dough

Classic sauce

Ricotta cheese

Sun-dried tomatoes

Fresh chives, chopped


First, light up your Uuni and allow it to heat up. While you wait, spread your classic dough over a well-floured pizza peel. Cover the dough base with a few spoons of Uuni’s classic sauce, followed by a handful of chopped chives. Next, scatter several sun-dried tomatoes over the pizza. Slide the pizza into the Uuni and allow to cook for 2-3 minutes, rotating at least once or twice to maintain an even cook.When your pizza looks golden brown and piping hot, use your pizza peel to remove it from the heat. Finally, add a few dollops of ricotta cheese. Season to taste.

Uuni Shoot Day with Rikard

Last week we broke an Uuni HQ record… we shot 11 pizza recipes in one morning! It’s hard work making (and eating) all of those pizzas, but someone’s gotta do it. Musn’t grumble!

We were also lucky enough to be able to extend an invitation to our FAVOURITE photographer, Rikard Österlund. You can check out his website here.

He’s taken some fantastic photos, so nobody has to miss out on any of the action. We’ll be posting the first of these classic pizza recipes very shortly, so stay tuned.

Mussels in Creamy White Wine and Parsley Sauce

Happy New Year to our Uuni chefs all over the world! Our first recipe of 2015 is mussels, a perfect tasty recipe to begin the new year in style. Consider the wine content as a semi hair-of-the-dog! Everybody thinks that mussels are a faff, but those people are wrong! Either that or they haven’t got an Uuni yet. With this quick and easy wood-fired recipe, mussels only take 10 minutes including preparation! And they taste lovely too…

1kg mussels
Large glass of white wine
Fresh parsley, chopped
1 shallot, finely chopped
1 pot of single cream

Light up your Uuni and leave it to heat up while you prepare the mussels.
Pour the mussels into a large container filled with cold water and stir them around with your hands to clean them thoroughly.
Throw away any mussels with broken shells.
If there are any barnacles on the shells you can use a sharp knife to scrape them off. While you’re doing this make sure you also cut off any beards from the mussels (the brown wispy bits).
If you find any open mussels, give them a strong tap with your knife or on the worktop. If they don’t close – throw them away. (They are dead and could make you ill.)
Rinse the mussels a final time and drain.
Pour into a pan that could fit into your Uuni. Make sure that the pan is no more than half full. The mussels need space to move in order to cook properly.
Add the wine, single cream and chopped shallot and place in the Uuni to cook for 2-4 minutes.
Remove from the heat and stir in your fresh parsley.
Season and serve.

Roasted Chestnuts

Chestnuts roasting on an Uuni fire,
Jack Frost nipping on your nose,
Yuletide carols being sung by a choir,
And folks dressed up like Eskimos.

Everybody knows an Uuni and some mistletoe,
Help to make the season bright.
Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow,
Will find it hard to sleep tonight!

A bag of chestnuts from your local market. That’s all!

First, light up your Uuni.
Wash your chestnuts and then dry them down with a tea towel.
With a small and sharp knife, cut an X shape into each chestnut. This will allow the steam to escape whilst cooking (thus preventing any mini chestnut explosions), and will also make the shells easier to peel when it’s time to eat them! Win win!
Put your chestnuts in a roasting tin and place them in your hot Uuni.
Allow to cook for 10 minutes. Make sure you shake them around regularly to ensure that they are evenly heated, and that there’s no burning going on.
Remove from the Uuni and let the chestnuts cool for a couple of minutes. As soon as they are cool enough to touch you should start to peel them. The warmer they are, the easier they are to peel.

Uuni Roasted Veg

We all know how tight things can get in even the best of ovens whilst cooking that all-important Christmas dinner. It always starts out well enough, with the meat and potatoes happily roasting away in the oven. But by the time you’re preparing the Yorkshire puddings, roasted veg and stuffing – tension is running high and baking trays can start to get a bit jumbled. Somebody might even suggest that you add the Yorkshire puddings to the oven at the end! Don’t allow your roast dinner to be compromised in this way! Especially not if you have a shiny Uuni 2 in your garden ready to save the day. When the going gets tough, scoop those wood pellets and light up your Uuni.

Brussell sprouts
Parsnips, chopped
Carrots, chopped
Fresh rosemary
Salt and pepper to season
Olive oil for roasting

Par-boil your brussell sprouts, chopped parsnips and carrots on a medium heat for 8-10 minutes.
Drain, and drizzle with honey, and olive oil.
Empty your vegetables into a small pan that fits in your Uuni.
Now season your veg with rosemary, salt and pepper.
Put the tray into the hot Uuni and have your oven glove and spoon at the ready. Remove from the heat and rotate the vegetables often to keep an even colour.
Remove when veg is toasty brown.

Uuni Wins Best Product 2014 – East London Design Show

A massive thank you to the judges who voted our Uuni wood fired oven the Best Product 2014 at the East London Design Show this week!

This was our very first show and what do you know? ~We won Best Product 2014! We had a blast showing off the Uuni to the thousands of visitors in the Truman Brewery on London’s famous Brick Lane. We hope all the new Uuni owners and giftees will have a great time using theirs:)

Uuni holds design quality right up there alongside; ease of use, efficiency and affordability for all our products and it was truly an honour to be recognised in this way. THANKS!


Blackberry and Pomegranate Bell-Uunis

Blackberry and Pomegranate Bell-uunis

Happy Social Media Week Y’all! (here’s some booze-related social media for your enjoyment:)

It’s September – which means the kids are heading back to school, the christmas chocolates have already hit supermarket shelves (scary!) and although we’re reluctant to say summer’s over… well, it kind of is, isn’t it? But don’t fear, it also means blackberry season is upon us. (see last week’s blackberry and halloumi recipe too!) What better way to celebrate than with blackberry and pomegranate bellinis made from wood-fired blackberries cooked in your Uuni?

The Bellini is a fab cocktail which was born in Harry’s Bar in Venice in the 1930s.  These bellinis have all the class of the Harry’s Bar originals, but not the price tag.

Blackberries are everywhere, you should be able to get your hands on some for free if you keep your eyes peeled (we got ours in our local park!) And what you save on foraging for free fruit, you can put into choosing more expensive champagne or prosecco! Result!! You can make them without the pomegranate but we love the combo of red and black and the little bursts of fruity flavour.

Ingredients (makes 6 glasses)

150g blackberries

1 pomegranate

6 tsps soft light brown sugar

1bottle of champagne or prosecco


1.Fill a roasting tin with blackberries and the pomegranate seeds

2.Sprinkle the light brown sugar on top.

3.Cook in your Uuni for approx 4 minutes, or until the berries start to burst.

4.Take them out and whizz them through a food processor, or alternatively use a fork or
masher to make them into a puree

5.Pour this mixture through a sieve and then spoon into champagne glasses.

6.Leave them in the fridge to cool and whenever you’re ready – simply top up with champagne or prosecco. Serve with a berry on the rim of the glass for extra fizzy pizazz.